High-performance Mining Pools

  •  ● TCP Tuning for miners
  •  ● RedHat based os with custom kernel for best performance
  •  ● Load balanced coin pools with native service control
  •  ● Native blocknotify for every coin
  •  ● Mobile frendly web-view

Tuned for mining software

Mining booster

Special prebuffered connections via pool and miners

Load Balanced

All coins independed and balanced to optimize maximum perfomance

TCP Optimizations

We tested a lot hours for best performance even mining and have minimal rejected shares

Adaptive WEB

More usability and user experience with you favorite pool

We are for honest commission

You can always help us with server rent and beer! 🍺

  • BTCZ: t1RZn4tFd3H8JyYMKbVFv2oJXrSQta7BL2q
  • BTC: 1HFL9aXq98TqkX9dTS4TnuNUeXLqUPps5Q
  • ETH: 0xe853521191db39A62329A48945a642F703F88451
  • XSG: s1NAGMp1jfiMFWe2kw6KR8ChawSsynAbsvz